Engineering & Consulting


Do you intend to purchase industrial goods?
Do you plan to modernize or to expand your production plants?
DHMA is your partner starting from the planning up to the machine acceptance.




We guarantee an independent, neutral and reliable execution of complex projects in the sector of machines and plant engineering and construction. Our inter-branch know-how concerning the machines and plant construction allows you the access to professional and innovative solutions and concepts. Our experience in the execution of international projects provides you the security, that you will be advised in a competent and extensive way.


Expansion of the supplier spectrum and the security concerning the selection on the base of extensive investigation concerning service, quality and profitability. Consideration of safety aspects of the machines and the reliability of the suppliers.

Cost Advantage

Protection of internal resources and highest possible efficiency concerning the acquisition process. Reduction of costs because of the effective utilisation of DHMA internal resources. This is achieved by an optimum overall planning under consideration of a cost-optimised settlement of the project, the utilisation of maximum saving potentials and the reasonable integration of adequate used machinery. Optimisation of personnel costs, maintenance expenses.


With a preferably flexible and open plant conceptual design, in consideration of budgetary limitations, positive effects will arise also in the financing sector. By risk minimisation (enhancement of the market acceptance of the plant in case of possible future sale of the equipment) the financing charges can be influenced positively at the respective banks (leasing companies). At this we will be at your disposal at any time with our experience and branch contacts.

Particularly if you don’t deal with plant projects everyday, we arrange an efficient investigation of the basics and conditions in preliminary stages and a presentation of all essential influencing factors. Thus we can offer you the adequate security for the first important decision pro or con a project realization. We appraise your project ideas with the background of extensive experience in the sector of plant engineering and construction.


Core Sectors

* Overall planning, plant dimensioning, budgeting
* Tenders, Offer consolidation
* Offer and order clarification
* Project coordination
* Support concerning the purchase and financing negotiations
Machine acceptances according to DIN 8782


Information Services


For the Competitiveness of your company it is indispensable, to be permanently informed about technological developments. DHMA supports you in the creation of an information transparency concerning the state of the art and the research.

In addition to the trend research we also provide you with information and investigation about …

* Machines and plants
* Manufacturers and suppliers
* Technological trends
* Scientific results of the latest researches
* Solutions for technical problems and innovative alternatives



Management Consultancy, Business Process Optimisation


The time of global transparency, the commercial concentration processes as well as the continuously raising information overload in an engineered world force the companies, to adapt themselves to the market requests in a quicker and more specific way. Business management means an active co-operation, a qualitative creation and last but not least and effective enforcement of the necessary modification processes, for being able to save the future. The worldwide cooperation, structure and connections of DHMA guarantee an efficient execution and administration of international, regional and local projects with the market knowledge for recognising and forecasting business cycles.


DHMA offers concepts and solutions which support you in the following activities....
* Implementation of new products and product lines
* Development of new strategies
* Design and packaging
* In-house production or job order production

Additionally we will assist you with our branch contacts regarding the personnel recruitment.